About us

Desch Plantpak devises and creates innovative solutions for professional horticulture.
Solutions that ensure:
• simpler business processes
• more efficient automation processes
• added value for plants
All our solutions provide you with better production results and higher yields.
To achieve this, Desch Plantpak works closely with growers. Across the globe. After all, with several production locations, dealerships and clients in roughly sixty countries, Desch Plantpak is truly a global player.

Desch Plantpak. Growing together.

Our products
Desch Plantpak manufactures high-quality thermoformed pots and containers, transport trays, seedling trays, transplant trays and bedding packs. Under the EPLA name, we add a versatile range of injection moulded decorative pots, hanging pots, trays and accessories.
Our products are manufactured from polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester or biopolymers. Naturally, responsible and environmentally conscious.
Packaging Covenant III
Desch Plantpak endorses the Packaging Covenant III. The covenant includes arrangements on how to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and combating litter.