Propagation trays

A producer for the professional grower and wholesaler of propogation trays and pricking out trays, Desch's product range offers everything needed for sowing, cuttings, pricking out and plug cultivation. The sowing and seedling segment is Desch Plantpak's most extensive product segment. You will find solutions in this group for all your sowing, seedling, pricking out and plugging needs.

What are propogation trays?

Propogation trays are trays that consist of an impressive number of small containers. These small containers are also called cells. The cells are filled with seed and potting soil and a seed. Because a seedling tray is used for growing and production of plants. Pricking out plants is done when they are large enough, then they are moved to their new spot. Often this is outside, or in a larger pot. The propogation tray is often referred to in the same breath as a seedling tray.

A propogation tray has a user-friendly design, they are easy to fill and carry. You can also water them easily.

Each cell within the seed plate or cuttings plate features a hole in the bottom. This has several advantages. One of the advantages is that when you water the plants, the water can drain away well. The hole in the soil thus prevents the plant from having unnecessarily "wet feet," not all plants can handle that equally well. Another advantage is that when the plant is big enough to be moved, you can easily push it out of the seed tray or seedling tray through the bottom.


Propogation tray Danish format

The seed trays Danish format fit four at a time on one layer of the Danish cart. The sizing takes into account efficient design. The Danish-format seed trays can be used separately, or placed in boxes. The model is popular because it can be used for many cropstypes of plants. In addition to the regular Danish format, Desch also offers orchid trays, Danish format with curved edge, the tree nursery tray, nursery trays Danish format, Dioni tray Danish format, Stabilo tray, Euro format for tree nurseries (3 on a layer), Paperpot tray, MTS tray, Jumbo tray, strawberry tray and of course our D-grade FIBRE products. Each with its own unique characteristics.


Propogation trays made from recycled materials

All of these seeding and pricking out trays are from environmentally friendly production. First, they are lightweight, so no more plastic was used than necessary. At the same time, the trays are also sustainable in use. Most seeding and pricking out trays can be supplied in a thickness suitable for single or multiple use. This is due to the high quality plastic from which the trays are made, taking the environment into account by choosing 100% recycled material. All old scraps of plastic are reused for new products, for example, new flower pots, transport trays and nursery trays.


Alternative plastic

In addition, we offer an alternative to plastic with our D-grade Fibre line. These trays are made from paper pulp, which is Desch's contribution to the demand for more bio-degradable products. D-Grade Fibre are strong and lightweight at the same time. Also, the Fibre trays are environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable, compostable, moisture repellent or absorbent and excellent for placing stickers.


Buy propogation tray

Buy a high quality propogation tray or seedling tray? Desch Plantpak is a global player with branches in several countries. The head office is located in Waalwijk. Desch delivers to more than 65 countries worldwide. Desch not only supplies trays or solutions for horticulture, but also designs and produces them. This means we can 100% guarantee high quality and a sustainable character. Exactly what the market demands of us and what we believe is important. We care about your plants & our planet.