Of course we choose sustainability.
Today’s world, and even more so tomorrow’s world, is demanding new production methods and innovative recycling. Under the motto ‘We care about your plants & our planet’,
Desch Plantpak is continually extending its range of products for professional horticulture with items which respect the environment. Thanks to its D-Grade®, RECOVER® and D-Tect brands, Desch can now meet every demand for eco-friendly pots and trays.
Rethink Plastics. 
Rethink was launched in 2017. It is a joint initiative of the plastic production and processing industry in the Netherlands, where the sector is positioning itself as an active partner in the Dutch economy and society. Desch Plantpak is a member of Rethink, and endorses the importance of producing goods in a sustainable and efficient way. Almost all the plastic we use to produce our plastic pots and trays is recycled. Residual plastic that arises during production is reintroduced into the production process as raw material.
With Rethink, we are supporting using plastic responsibly as a material for the future, maintaining strict controls on its usefulness, safety, sustainability, use and reuse, recycling,
innovation, and establishing a clear vision on how the sector can help reduce CO2 emissions and benefit circularity.
If you’d like to know more about Rethink, visit rethinkplastics.nl. rethinkplastics.nl.