D-TECT®, made of nIR detectable recycled plastic.


D-Tect® is nIR detectable so that the pots can be separated in the recycling companies. D-Tect products thus comply with the system of waste separation used in the United Kingdom. Moreover, D-Tect® is made from up to 100% recycling material.
What does this mean? Desch has immediately switched over to make all thermoform pots and containers in the terracotta color with a NIR-detectable terracotta inside instead of a black inside. In addition, all our coloured pots that are newly produced will also be provided with a detectable light interior so that they also meet the requirements for D-Tect®. Of course we will not have all products in stock from day one but there will be a transition from terracotta / black to terracotta / terracotta in the coming half year. This means that during this transition period there is a possibility that we do not yet have all products available in terra / terra but still in terracotta / black. D-Tect® can also be produced in grey / grey on request. 
With D-Tect® products you are assured of nIR-readable pots and containers.

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