D-Tect®, the ‘Detectable range’


Many years ago Desch introduced the lightweight thermoform flowerpot made out of sustainable recycled plastic. In answer to the ever changing world and demands, Desch has improved this product and introduces Desch D-Tect®.
® is a thermoform flowerpot that is well suited for horticultural automation and that can easily be recycled  after usage. D-Tect® is near infrared detectable (NIR) in waste processing and can thus be separated out of the  waste stream for re-usage. Desch has immediately switched over to make all thermoform pots and containers in the terracotta colour with a NIR-detectable terracotta inside instead of a black inside. Of course we will not have all products in stock from day one but there will be a transition from terracotta / black to terracotta / terracotta in the coming half year. This means that during this transition period there is a possibility that we do not yet have all products available in terra / terra but still in terracotta / black. D-Tect® can also be produced in grey / grey on request. In addition, all our coloured pots that are newly produced will also be provided with a detectable light interior so that they also meet the requirements for D-Tect®.
With D-Tect
® products you are assured of NIR-readable pots and containers.

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